Doomcon @ Pan-Pacific Hotel,

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Welcome to the Laundry: The Horror/Spy works of Charles Stross

From Sunday 23:00 until Monday 00:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Bronwyn Cropley, John Parker, Andrew Sharp

Tags: Literature

In a universe where advanced mathematics are truly indistinguishable from magic, and a badly designed Fractal Generator can threaten to rend all space time, all that stands between us and the madness beyond the veil are a bunch of geeky petty bureaucrats trapped in the ultimate dead end civil service job. Welcome to the Laundry, where “Bob” (Not his real name) will try and fight off non-euclidean horrors and (more terrifyingly) middle management, and, (if he gets time) finally audit the department for compliance with their NT 4 licensing.

Goldsworthy South