Doomcon @ Pan-Pacific Hotel,

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Halfling Heist - The Second Opportunity - Handwritten Games Sneak Preview

From Saturday 14:00 until Saturday 16:00 (120 Minutes)

Participants: Anthony Sweet

Tags: Card Game, Gaming, Handwritten Games, Sneak Preview

Special Swancon Sneak Preview:

Halfling Heist is a fast-paced board game that pits you up against three other Halfling thieves attempting to snaffle the served meals of the Cockatrice Corral while it’s punters have a brief round of fisticuffs. It’s your job to snatch as much food as possible and scarper before the City Watch shut the venue and catch you red-handed with someone else’s chicken sandwich.

It’s quick, fun and brutal as you dodge the barroom brawl and try to outgrab and outscore your fellow Halflings. The more hits you take, the more Luck you’ll get – just make sure you get out in time to enjoy your meal!

Everyone who plays going into a raffle to win a copy of Halfling Heist

Goldsworthy (Games A)