Doomcon @ Pan-Pacific Hotel,

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Fan-Created Games and Fanmade Adaptions - All Day

From Saturday 09:30 until Saturday 10:00 (30 Minutes)

Participants: Bronwyn Cropley, Tim McDougall, Tim McDougall, Leece Smith

Tags: Gaming

Across Saturday, come to the Gaming Room to try out Fan-made games and fan-made expansions to existing games.

Plus, come and try out Handwritten Games’s Halfling Heist and Grand City while you have the chance.

See what Swanconners have come up with in new gaming innovations, plus a few special guests


Glory to Rome
Miskatonic School for Girls
Plus some fine choices from Boardgame Geeks and other sources

See the Pinup Board for times and sign-up sheets

Goldsworthy (Games A)