Doomcon @ Pan-Pacific Hotel,

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4 Things to do on Sunday? Games of Doom all day long

From Sunday 09:30 until Sunday 10:00 (30 Minutes)

Participants: Bronwyn Cropley, Leece Smith

Tags: Board Game, Gaming

4 Things to do on Sunday? Harken to the four horses of War, Disease, Famine and of course, Death.

Today is the Day of Doom, to celebrate, we are playing the Games of DOOM!!!



Arkham Horror
Invasion from Outer Space: The Martian Game
Ticket to Ride Europe: with Monsters Alvin and Dexter (because trains need
more monsters)
Forbidden Island
Creature that ate Sheboygan

Plus many, many more…

See the Pinup Board for times and sign-up sheets.

Goldsworthy (Games A)