Continuum 8 @ Rydges on Swanston, 701 Swanston Street Carlton

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Writing Different Genders, Sexualities And Cultures

From Friday 18:00 until Friday 19:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Deborah Biancotti, Trudi Canavan, Louise Cusack, Gillian Polack

Tags: Writing

In which our fearless authors delve into the ethics, issues and techniques for writing characters who are ‘different’. We’ll discuss how to work with unfamiliar, alien, or just plain diverse perspectives, and we’ll delve into the dangers and satisfactions of writing from another point of view. Finally, we’ll examine some of the reactions to ‘other’ writing and ask what motivates a writer to keep working with genders, sexualities and cultures that are not their own.

Pelham Room