Swancon 2015 @ Pan Pacific, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6004

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Loving The Borg: Transhumanism in the Real World.

From Sunday 12:00 until Sunday 13:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Zara Baxter, Doug Burbidge, Dave Cake, Robert Hood, Keith Stevenson

Tags: Mod, Science and Tech

Humanity’s ultimate merging with the machine is a dream – or nightmare – depending on which Hollywood trope you subscribe to, but what would it really be like and how would it happen? With more and more smart wearables, where does transhumanism begin and end? Would a transhuman feel less human or more, and would they be the best judge of the change? Could they still love, hope, create if their conscious thoughts were reduced to a stream of ones and zeroes? Would they still feel tethered in the real world or lost in the infinite possibilities of virtual reality? Our panellists consider the many and varied ways that true transhumanism will change us forever.

North Hamersley (Gaming and Others)