Swancon 2015 @ Pan Pacific, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6004

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Is the Best of Comics Found in Non-Canon Works?

From Sunday 16:00 until Sunday 17:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Travis Johnson, Werzel Montague, Sami Shah, Grant Watson, Sabian Wilde

Tags: Comics

A critical and funny exploration of whether the best work in mainstream comics is actually to be found in non-canon works such as DC’s Dark Night Returns and Injustice or Marvel’s What If? series or one-shots like Old Man Logan?

Furthermore, has the culture of retcon and reboots destroyed the whole notion of canon works? What does the New (and newer) 52 and Ultimates mean for creating ‘canon’ works in the future?

Join Perth’s uber pop-culture tyrants Grant Watson (The Angriest, Fiction Machine) and Travis Johnson (X-Press Magazine, Celluloid and Whisky, FILM Ink) as they discuss the burning issues of the day with comedy geeks Werzel Montague (Pirate Church) and Sami Shah (author of I, Migrant and all-round clever-clogs).

North Ballroom (Large ballroom)