Genghiscon 2015 @ Trinity Residential College, 230 Hampden Rd. Crawley

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Beyond the Sunset - Vampire LARP Demonstration

Venue: Epworth Room (Workshops)
Starts: 20:00 Ends: 00:00

Experience this awesome vampire Live-Action Role-Play run by the nation-wide LARP group Beyond The Sunset.

Cardboard fort building

Venue: Courtyard (Outdoor Events)
Starts: 14:00 Ends: 18:00

Have a hand constructing the epic cardboard box fort that will be used later for Laser Tag, the Nerf War, and the Combat LARP.


Starts: 19:00 Ends: 20:00

Come get some pizza and make some new friends.

Eldritch Horror RPG

Venue: Harvard Room (Gaming 2)
Starts: 20:00 Ends: 00:00

Entrust your sanity to your dice and go for a stroll through the world of terrifying eldritch creatures in this horror RPG.

Introduction to GenghisCon!

Venue: Fellows Room (Panels)
Starts: 20:00 Ends: 21:00

Learn all about the history of GenghisCon, as well as what to expect from this GCon and others in the future!

Johann Sebastian Joust and Disc Golf

Venue: Courtyard (Outdoor Events)
Starts: 20:00 Ends: 00:00

The noble sport of Johann Sebastian Joust – players try to hold a PlayStation
Move controller still while others
attempt to bump their controller. We’d appreciate it if you could keep bloodshed to a minimum.

Disc Golf – golf, but with frisbees. Did we mention it glows in the dark?

All-ages fun for those looking for some nighttime sports.

Opening Ceremony

Starts: 18:00 Ends: 19:00

Join us as we officially open GenghisCon for another year! Get introduced to the GenghisCon 2015 team, get information about the coming days, and some general announcements and fun stuff about the con and the people who made it possible.

Poker Tournament

Venue: Aldersgate Room (Gaming 1)
Starts: 20:00 Ends: 00:00

Think you can win against the GenghisCon greats? Come and test your luck.

Sexuality, Society, and Technology

Venue: Fellows Room (Panels)
Starts: 22:30 Ends: 00:00

The internet has connected more people than ever before, and a wide range
of divergent concepts of sexuality are known and understood. And many forms
of sexuality have achieved a large degree of social acceptance, though we
still have a long way to go, yet.

Has that freedom brought opportunity for evolution? Is human sexuality

Voyager - A Celebration

Venue: Fellows Room (Panels)
Starts: 21:00 Ends: 22:30

On January 16th 1995, the USS Voyager departed on an expedition to capture a missing ship piloted by a group of Maquis rebels. However, tragedy struck and the ship was engulfed by a mysterious energy wave that left them damaged and stranded 70,000 light years from Earth…

20 years on, Star Trek Voyager is remembered as one of the most interesting and groundbreaking series of Star Trek ever written.