Swancon 2016 @ Pan Pacific Hotel,

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Discuss: Surviving the Zombie Outbreak

From Monday 14:00 until Monday 15:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Samara Morgan

Tags: discussion, Does Not Need More Panellists/Presenters, ExportMe, Horror, Round table

The Dead Are Coming, we discuss how to survive.
Zombie stories continue to be popular in film and television, and most viewers are familiar with how the zombie apocalypse usually happens. Is that how it would happen in a real-life situation assuming for the moment, of course, that zombies could be real? How would society react to the walking dead? What would our government responses be? What would a post-zombie world really look like, and what things do the writers of zombie narratives always seem to forget?
Moderator: Samara

Hamersley South (Discussion Room)