Swancon 2016 @ Pan Pacific Hotel,

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User's Guide to Time Travel

From Friday 17:00 until Friday 18:00 (60 Minutes)

Participants: Samuel Baron

Tags: Does Not Need Moderator, presentation, Academic

Suppose you travel into the past. In a fit of homicidal rage, you attempt to kill your grandfather before he conceived your mother. Suppose you succeed, and your grandfather dies at your hand. Then you will never be born and you will never travel back in time to kill your grandfather. So your grandfather both lives and dies. Paradox! Suppose, instead you fail. Why do you fail? What is it that stops you from taking your grandfather’s life? If one is unable to kill one’s grandfather, do the paradoxes of time travel therefore threaten one’s free will? Can the paradoxes be avoided by introducing higher temporal dimensions in which grandfathers can be freely killed without consequence? And are we forced to posit a mysterious “logical guardian”, hell bent on ironing out paradoxes wherever they arise? This talk will take you on a multi-dimensional tour of philosophy and time. Full abstract is online at https://2016.swancon.com.au/content/article/60

North Ballroom (Large Panel Room)