Swancon 2016 @ Pan Pacific Hotel,

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Crime Fighting Flies

From Thursday 20:00 until Thursday 20:30 (30 Minutes)

Participants: Ellora Ker

Tags: Does Not Need Moderator, presentation, Academic

How the great Australian pest is an important resource in crime investigation. The first documented use of entomology (the study of insects) in a forensic setting was in China in the 13th century, when farmers were instructed to lay down their scythes, revealing a murderer by the attraction of flies to their bloodied blade. In the last few decades forensic entomology has developed into an important tool in crime scene analysis. Applications range from the determination of the time since death to detecting the movement of the body, to an analysis of chemicals in a body. Forensic entomology is also applied in cases of food contamination, and in animal or human abuse or neglect situations. Our pesky fellow Aussies can be more helpful than hindrance. Full abstract is online at https://2016.swancon.com.au/content/article/60

Hamersley North (Small Panel Room)